Trinity Fellowship

We had such an incredible inaugural year, we’re back for an encore!  Last year we sponsored several one-off events. We will certainly be doing that again this year – lectures, but we’ve also added several reoccurring discussion groups and conversations. for the 2018-2019 academic year. Check the schedule section for more details on upcoming events and sign up to be a part of the email list to get regular updates.

If you have ideas for lectures, topics, discussions, etc., we would love to hear them. You can email them to

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Please check back as we will be adding more events to the calendar throughout the semester.

Upcoming Events

Creation Care, Climate Change, and the Gospel,
Rev. Kyle Meyaard-Schaap
April 3rd, 7:30pm at Evangelical Community Church. More info.

Thinking About Faith Discussion Group
Meeting every other Wednesday night, starting Sept 5th. More info.

Past Events (Fall 2017-Fall 2018)

New Testament: Canon and Reliability
Bob Whitaker and Steven Lulich led a 4-part exploration of the New Testament, its canonicity, and its reliability in the fall of 2018. Audio from the four sessions is available on the Past Lectures page of the site.

September 20th at 6pm (Georgian Room, IMU)

Dr. Robert Whitaker leads the inaugural meeting of the Trinity Fellowship, considering the topic “I’m a Believer and a Skeptic. Is that Okay?”

October 18th at 6pm (Woodburn Hall, 101)

Dr. John Beggs brings us his thoughts on the question “How Can I Connect Science with My Faith?”

November 15th at 6pm (Frangipani Room, IMU)

Truth Claims in a Pluralistic Culture?” Dr. Tim O’Connor, Dr. John Beggs, Dr. Bob Whitaker. A multidisciplinary panel discusses questions related to truth claims in a pluralistic cultural from the perspective of philosophy, theology, and science.

February 18th at 8pm (Jordan Hall, Room 124)

Veritas Forum. “Reckoning with Evil: A Discussion on God, Philosophy, and Hope.”
Dr. Sam Newlands, Professor of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame, will be joined by Dr. Erik Wielenberg, DePauw University for a conversation on evil, God, philosophy and hope. Dr. Tim O’Connor, Baylor University, will be moderating; a time of Q&A will follow. Speaker Bios.

Wednesday, March 28th. 7:00 pm (Global and International Studies, Room 1122)

“Textual Reliability: What can the Gettysburg Address teach us about the reliability of the New Testament?”
Dr. Steven Lulich led us to consider the textual reliability of the Greek New Testament manuscripts from a historical perspective!


Audio and Video from Creation Care Event Posted

The audio and the video from the “Creation Care, Climate Change, and the Gospel” event with Kyle Meyaard-Schaap has been posted. The Panel discussion and Q&A are also posted separately. We look forward to more conversations like this! Creation Care, Climate Change, and the Gospel Kyle Meyaard-Schaap (Young Evangelicals for Climate Change) and Panel April, …

Peak Indifference to Climate Change?

I ran across an article in Wired recently that suggested we have reached “Peak Indifference” to climate change – a phrase that “refers to the psychology of problems that become too big to ignore.” According to proponents, the number, severity, and relative proximity of several climate-related disasters has forced people to take notice (think wildfires, …


Our vision is to facilitate critical dialogue about faith at the university and in the church.

Trinity Fellowship is a cross-ministry resource for the IU community bridging multiple Christian traditions.

We invite the IU community to:

  • Bring together faith and learning.
  • Discover the intellectual resources of the Christian faith and equip students for contemporary life.

We desire to:

  • Engage in honest inquiry with academic integrity and discuss difficult questions while remaining humble in our conclusions.
  • Promote theological curiosity and contribute to the common good.
  • Avoid activities that divide us from the very campus culture we seek to serve.
  • Create an environment that affirms Christian truth claims and is generous to those who differ from us.


We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message, ask us a question, suggest a topic, etc.