Recommended Books

Life of the Mind

The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind, Mark Noll

Biblical Theology

The Drama of Scripture: Finding our Place in the Biblical Story, Michael Goheen and Craig Bartholomew

The Mission of God, Christopher Wright

A Light to the Nations, Michael Goheen

New Creation: a Primer on Living in the Time Between the Times, Rodney Clapp

Systematic Theology

Classic Christianity: A Systematic Theology, Thomas Oden

Christianity and Culture

To Change the World, James Davidson Hunter

Calvin’s Political Theology and the Public Engagement of the Church, Matthew Tuininga

Culture Making, Andy Crouch

In Search of the Common Good, Jake Meador

Seculosity, David Zahl

Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth, Thaddeus Williams

Stewards of Eden, Sandra L. Richter

Faith and Science

Science and Faith, C. John Collins

The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief, Francis Collins


Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense, NT Wright

The Skeptical Believer, Daniel Taylor

The Reason for God, Tim Keller

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