Chapter’s on NT for discussion.

NT CONVERSATIONSThis coming Wednesday, Bob Whitaker and Steven Lulich will kick off the discussion on the New Testament, wrestling with questions related to canonicity and reliability. Week one, the discussion will revolve around F.F. Bruce’s book, The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable. Chapter one and two are available here.

This Wednesday is the first part of a 4-part exploration of these questions and others related to the New Testament.  These conversations will be held on four Wednesday nights (September 26th, October 10 & 24, and November 7) at 7:30 pm, Room 18 at ECC.

Thinking About Faith Discussion Group

Thinking About Faith is a discussion group that is sponsored by TFIU. This term it will meet every other Wednesday 7-8:30pm, starting tomorrow night, Sept. 5th. We discuss short readings at the intersection of Christian faith and culture that are accessible to everyone but that have something thoughtful and provocative to say. Theology, philosophy, history, science, fiction, poetry, art, and cultural reflections are all fair game.
Who’s welcome to join in? Anyone. We have many IU faculty, staff, and grad students with a few non-IU folks and undergrads occasionally sprinkled in. We welcome both people who feel firmly rooted in their faith and their understanding of Christian teaching and those who have doubts and questions to varying degrees. We also welcome people who have distanced themselves from their childhood faith but want to take another look in the company of others who will respect and welcome them as they are. Our hope is to create an environment where people can be honest and open with each other and come to meetings expecting to be challenged in constructive, faith-maturing ways. And, finally, yes, it’s ok to be an irregular attender, and you wouldn’t be the only one!
If you are interested, please contact the host, IU philosophy professor Tim O’Connor (, for location and other info.