Thinking About Faith Update

After a freewheeling discussion of Alan Jacob’s essay about Christian public intellectuals, Thinking About Faith will settle in this fall with a slow reading of John Wyatt’s new book, Dying Well. Wyatt is a retired doctor and professor of neonatal pediatrics who has been involved in beginning and end of life government policy in Britain. He is also a theologically astute layman who is convinced that Christians in the affluent West need to think more about death, long before it is impending for us. He draws on the ars moriendi (art of dying) Christian tradition in this short and highly accessible book that raises issues that are important not only for Christians but for the societies in which we live.

The book sells for $15 (chapter one is available here).

We’ll meet next on Wed, Sept 19. Again, you may arrive at 7pm sharp to grab a snack and a drink and chat with others. We will start discussion promptly at 7:15pm. (If you need to arrive after that, please just open the door and walk right in and grab a chair.)

Tentative fall schedule:
  • Sept 19: Intro + Ch.1 + Ch. 2 (2pp.) Dying in the modern world
  • Oct 3: Ch.3 The opportunities that dying well may bring
  • Oct 17: Ch4 The challenges of dying well
  • Oct 31: Ch.6 Learning from the example of Jesus
  • Nov 14: Ch.7 A sure and steadfast hope
  • Nov 28: To Be Determined

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